Direction of Blog

I am pondering the direction of the blog.  On the one hand, I want to have a well thought out essay, interview, or article once a week on Sundays.  I have much to learn from the act of having a weekly publication that I hold to a high standard.  That is going to happen.  On the other hand, a well thought out essay usually takes some time and rigor.  I either don’t want to put that into my everyday posts, or I don’t want to attempt to make quick little everyday posts.

I expect the first few months to be full of navel gazing, and that is going to make for a terrible blog that attempts to run alongside a weekly editorial.  However, it may be more useful in the long term to go though those motions publicly rather than privately.

Krugman has a blog and weekly editorial.  I think that is what I should be going for.  Let the blog flounder, make sure the essays are as strong as your can make them.  Keep putting words on page.  One step at a time.


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