Awl Gossip (continued)

More stuff about advice over at the Awl. I’m going into writing as this man is leaving it. His reflection causes my reflection. He sounds like the way I sounded when I left food service.

Why do I want to write?

The writers high. I love it. I’m chasing it. I’m looking for that next hit of clever turn of phrase. I’m looking for that next provoke. I’m looking for the next moment when I look into myself and speak honestly. It is there that I find truth.

I don’t know if I am capable of ‘making it work’ with a word and a page. I want to follow water. I want to see what perspective that brings. I want to keep putting words on page one at a time and see if they ever start to be beautiful. By following water, I hope to find work that pays enough to keep writing.

I am sad because this post has no cleverness. No substance. No life.  I didn’t even bother quoting him. I wonder if I should even post it at all. 


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